Thrustmaster 360 Modena Thrustmaster Calibration Tool driver download free (ver. 1.­03)

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Thrustmaster Calibration Tool (ver. 1.­03) LZX released 2006.01.27.

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Category Joysticks
Brand Thrustmaster
Device 360 Modena
Operating Systems Windows XP
Version 1.­03
File size 3.01 Mb
File type LZX
Released 2006.01.27
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Features: When installing your accessory (or Force Feedback drivers),­ calibration of your accessory is carried out automatically.­ The Thrustmaster Calibration Tool V 1.­03 software allows you to carry out manual calibration (which will replace the automatic calibration) on: * The steering wheel of your racing wheel (in order to center it perfectly and obtain the maximum left and right values) * The pedals attached to your racing wheel (in order to eliminate any potential dead zones) * The mini-sticks on your gamepad (in order to center them perfectly and eliminate any potential dead zones) * The different axes on your joystick (in order to center them perfectly and eliminate any potential dead zones) Important points to note: - If you have a Force Feedback or vibrating accessory,­ you must first install the Force Feedback drivers before carrying out manual calibration.­ - Following manual calibration,­ you will have to carry out another manual calibration if you reinstall the Force Feedback drivers.­ - Use the Include the pedals option (available with most racing wheels) only in the event of a problem with values on the pedals.­ This option may require recalibration when switching to another axis mode (2,­ 3 or 5 axes).­ - To return to automatic calibration mode,­ simply re-launch the software and click Reset Calibration.­ - In the event of a malfunction following manual calibration,­ repeat the procedure after clicking Reset Calibration.­ Should the problem persist,­ uninstall and then reinstall the software (as well as the Force Feedback drivers,­ if necessary).­ Installation Procedure: 1- Download the driver.­ 2- Once the download is complete,­ double-click the installation (.­exe) file and follow the instructions provided.­ 3- Once installation is complete,­ you will find the calibration software tool in the following menu: Start /­ Programs /­ Thrustmaster /­ Calibration Tool To uninstall: In the Windows Control Panel,­ go to Add or Remove Programs,­ select Thrustmaster Calibration Tool and click Remove.­ Requirements: - Windows XP (Service Pack 1 or 2 is required) - DirectX 9.­0c - Software not tested with Windows 98 SE/­Me/­2000 - Software not tested with the Thrustmapper programming software

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